2015 - 2019

This was the Public Presentation of ‘My Transition Hours’ a book written by President Goodluck Jonathan’s after leaving office. A high-powered committee was set up to organise the event and Team Marvel Matrix had to work with this group of eminent personalities with very high expectations. The planning took three months of working behind the scenes to generate the guest list, determine those who would play critical roles at the event, draft the invitation letters, plan the event flow and design the event look and feel and create a commemorative brochure.

Once we were ready to go public, our first challenge was to design a befitting invitation card that was both outstanding and reflective of the personality of the president. We quickly got that out of the way and from then on it was a smooth ride all the way to the event day when all that we had planned was executed.


The mammoth crowd that overwhelmed the venue uninvited made our job of execution quite herculean, but we were not side-tracked in any way. The fact is, it was also President Goodluck Jonathan’s birthday and the people came out in droves from all walks of life to felicitate with him. Regardless of the magnitude of the crowd and the inconvenience it posed, we went ahead to deliver an unforgettable event.

The smile on the president’s face and the heartfelt note of appreciation were testaments to the fact that we had done our job well.