Marvel Art Challenge

for Schools

Over the decades in the Nigerian Educational system, special attention has been given to STEM subjects but not enough to the Arts. We however believe that engagement in creative arts promotes innovation and critical thinking skills in children, empowering them to develop entrepreneurial skills and grow into productive adults who contribute to the overall economic growth of the society. Nollywood, which has created employment for thousands of people is a testament to the importance of the creative arts to the society.

We have therefore conceived Marvel Art Challenge for Schools (MACS) as a platform for the early engagement of school age children in the creativity necessary for innovative thinking. It is our corporate social responsibility initiative stemming from our mission to enrich the Nigerian society through the design and execution of paradigm-changing, empowerment programmes aimed at enhancing the growth and development of young Nigerians.

We through the Marvel Art Challenge for schools in partnership with both public and private partnerships have been able to gradually call the attention of the public to the importance of the teaching of the Arts in schools and its numerous benefits.

The on-the-spot contest which has been endorsed by the FCT Secondary Education Board is both educative and entertaining. The students will be tasked as they compete for honours in all aspects of the creative arts including Visual, Literary and Performing Arts. It is intended to highlight notable occurrences in Nigeria’s historical sociocultural development with a view to promoting integration and national unity.

Each year, the theme of the challenge will focus on an aspect of Nigeria’s rich sociocultural history and the students will be challenged to interpret the theme in the art form that will be chosen for the year. It is expected to take place over a five-month period starting on Children’s Day, May 27 and culminating in a grand finale on Nigeria’s Independence Day, October 1, when prizes will be awarded to the best performing students, their teachers and their schools.



(MACS) 2020

The MACS 2020 is the second in the series following a highly successful maiden edition in 2019, when 57 out of the 108 participating students won various amounts of prize money upon successfully competing in the Painting and Drawing Categories of the Challenge. The theme of MACS 2020 is “In Pursuit of National Reconciliation” and the challenge is on Visual and Literary Arts. The participating students will be tasked to express their understanding of the theme and subthemes through:

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