2015 - 2019

Ejike Chukwu is a man of the people with a burning desire to touch lives and improve the lot of the less privileged. To live out this desire, he established a foundation aimed at providing access to tertiary education for indigent youths. His vision is to provide tuition for the tertiary education of one million youths across Africa. But as the sayings go, the journey of a thousand miles begin with one step; and charity begins at home. Therefore, the Ejike Chukwu Foundation was launched in the founder’s home town of Egbema in Imo State with tuition for 43 youths who had passed their JAMB Exams.

The Launch had in attendance high networth individuals from the state and leading legislators. Entertainment was provided by none other than the TuBaba who regaled the audience with original tunes including One Love to which the entire audience sang along and danced animatedly.


Our first assignment on this job was to design the event programme and develop a commemorative brochure that would capture the essence of the Foundation for posterity. For this, we put on our research caps and went to work on generating the content, then translating the information into graphics which was then printed. The end product was a beautiful document our client was and is still proud to share.

The next assignment was to coordinate all the vendors on the event day to ensure a seamless flow of activities. Being an out of station event and considering the short time frame we had, our first contact with the vendors was late at night on the eve of the event. Working in unfamiliar terrain with unfamiliar people (some not fully cooperative) was an uphill task which however did not prevent us from taking charge and sealing up every crack that could have made the delivery less than seamless. The result was a very satisfied client.

That is one of the beauties about being in the industry for over 20 years. The wealth of experience garnered enables one manage a diverse group of people, leading them to set aside personal differences and keep their focus on delivering outstanding results.